The Darkness II-SKIDROW

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The Darkness II-SKIDROW

The Darkness II-SKIDROW


Release name: The.Darkness.II-SKIDROW
Size: 6.1 GB
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Digital Extremes
Release Date: 09.02.2012
Language: ENG
NFO: Here
Release Description:

The Darkness II takes players down a brutal and personal path as Jackie Estacado, wielder of The Darkness â€" an ancient and ruthless force of chaos and destruction. Based on the supernatural horror comic book series created by Top Cow Productions, Inc., The Darkness II breaks out of the sea of conventional first-person shooters with its fervid Quad-Wielding gameplay, which will allow players to slash, grab, and throw objects and enemies with their Demon Arms while simultaneously firing two weapons. The game is layered with the use of dark versus light, steeped in deep and twisted storytelling, and engulfed in stylistic violence that is visualized through a hand-painted graphic noir technique that stays true to its comic book origins.


  • 4-Player Co-op Campaign â€" Play as one of four unique characters each capable of wielding weapons infused with Darkness powers
  • Quad-Wielding Chaos â€" Slash, grab, and throw objects and enemies with the Demon Arms while simultaneously firing two weapons, adding a new dimension to the FPS category
  • Harness an Unstoppable Power â€" Master the Demon Arms and summon the powers of The Darkness for even more explosive gameplay
  • Kill the Lights â€" The vicious powers of The Darkness manifest only in the shadows so use the environment to your advantage and watch out for enemies who will use light as a weapon
  • Intense and Personal Journey â€" Experience a dark, twisted and gripping story written exclusively for the game by acclaimed comic book author Paul Jenkins whose credits also include The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine and the original The Darkness game
  • Distinctive Graphic-Noir Style â€" Graphic novel shading and color combined with the dramatic lighting of film noir pays tribute to the source material and brings the pages of the comic series to life Inspired by the popular comic book series created by Top Cow


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Total 6.1 GB
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